• Die & Mould China 2019 (DMC2019) & 2019 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo will be held in Hall 2H, 3H,4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai· Hongqiao) from June 11 to June 15, 2019. Along with a three-decade development of China’s die & mould industry, DMC has focused on cultivation and the linkage of conference, exhibition and network, achieving its international position of an authoritative, professional and comprehensive platform that is recognized in the industry for precise processing, mould manufacturing and forming integrated equipment. As a major international manufacturing base, China has become a die & mould manufacturing and consumption nation and has established a complete die & mould industry system after 30 years of development. In 2017, the output value of China’s die & mould industry exceeded RMB 260 billion, and the consumption value reached RMB 243.3 billion, shoring up RMB 27 trillion of product forming manufacturing in China. China exported more than USD 5.49 billion of mould products to 201 countries and regions. Through market complementation and mutual benefits, China's mould manufacturing has integrated into the international market! Driven by the demand in global manufacturing market, Chinese mould enterprises have shown the advantages of accelerated product optimization, improved equipment capacity, better industrial coordination capacity, accurate access to downstream industries and further enhancement of comprehensive international competitiveness.
  • The 2018 International Exhibition on Die & Mould Technology and Equipment  and the 2018 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo will be held from 5th to 9th June 2018 in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai Hongqiao. With three decades of development, China has become a major die & mould manufacture and consumption nation. The establishment of its die & mould industry system, which is able to manufacture all kinds of dies and moulds, technically satisfies the needs of manufacturing industry to die and mould in China. In 2016, the capacity of China’s die and mould industry reached CNY 230 billion. In the first half year of 2017, the total import and export amount for China die & mould is 3.4785 billion dollars, an increase of 8.15%, and with over 2.564 billion dollars for export, an increase of 2.563%. The number of import and export countries has reached 201. Throughout seamless cooperation, the die & mould industry of China develops and makes progress steadily, its transformation and upgrading speeds up and it is promising and clear that it is enhancing both in quality and efficiency.
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